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Android Technology

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Polaris Office - Launch on the Apple App Store
Polaris Smartphone Suite Introduction - Ultra low-cost Android smartphone platform
Ultra low-cost android platform - Polaris Smartphone Suite (Part 1)
This is My POLARIS Office!


Center of Mobile Solution POLARIS®

POLARIS is Infraware's best-selling smart device solution, and is based on the company's browser technology. It has grown to claim more than a 70% market share in the mobile browser industry. With the growth of the smartphone and the tablet PC, the industry and the market are on the move. In response, Infraware has been focused on mobile office products. The company took an ample amount of time to plan and develop POLARIS Office, which paid off when the software was installed on more than three hundred million smartphones and tablet PCs worldwide. In addition, Infraware has developed POLARIS Smartphone Suite (PSS), a middleware solution that can be mounted on a variety of devices including low-end smartphones, and has become one of the leading companies in popularizing smart devices.

The POLARIS family offers a wide range of products. These include mobile services such as POLARIS Email, Android-based products such as POLARIS Smartphone Suite (PSS) and the Broadcasting product line for Smart TV.

Mobile Service Product Family for Smart Work
  • POLARIS Office
  • POLARIS Office Enterprise
  • POLARIS Email
  • POLARIS Viewer
  • POLARIS Browser
Android-based Product Family
  • POLARIS Smartphone Suite
  • POLARIS App Inspector
  • POLARIS App Verifier
  • POLARIS App Gen
Broadcasting Product Family for Smart TV
  • POLARIS TV Browser
  • POLARIS TV Middleware
  • POLARIS TV Widget

Enabling Smart Work, POLARIS

POLARIS improves quality of life for the user with its superior services. Polaris, or the North Star, represents absolute value and infinite passion. With Infraware's integrity and dependability, POLARIS delivers more than just cutting-edge technology, efficiency and reliability. Through its passion and drive for innovation, Infraware offers products and services that exceed customer expectations. This is what POLARIS is about.



Enabling Smart Work! POLARIS Office

POLARIS Office is an easy-to-use and powerful office product that has been optimized for the mobile environment. With POLARIS Office, you can easily create Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF files, manage data and create a neat presentation with your finger tips.
Write and edit your document with a stylus pen, leave comments on it and share it with coworkers in real time with POLARIS Office. This is what Smart Work should be.
Never-before-seen performance in the mobile environment! Work like an expert with POLARIS Office.

Fast document loading and instant response
POLARIS Office has the fastest loading speed of all mobile Office products. It can open and maintain optimal performance even when you're working with huge files. Panning and flicking are also designed to be immediately responsive.
Create a visually-rich document by linking and embedding objects
Just like many office products for PC, POLARIS Office provides a wide range of diagrams, including arrows, stars, free lines, flowcharts and charts, in both 2D and 3D. A single tap is enough to embed an object or chart in your document. Change the color, borders or size of the object, or apply effects with simple hand gestures.
Impress your audience anytime, anywhere
The slide show feature of POLARIS Office supports dynamic animations and easy-to-use pointers that can be used to write comments on the slide. Now you can create a rich and visually attractive presentation anytime, anywhere.
For more information on POLARIS Office, please visit the POLARIS Office website or Facebook page.



Original Document As It Is

POLARIS Viewer is an easy-to-use and powerful Office viewer for mobile devices. Quickly open most types of documents from your mobile device, and use them in your presentations.

Excellent viewing capacity
POLARIS Viewer has a higher rendering quality for Microsoft Office compatible files, with 80+ pieces of smart art and 160+ diagrams, charts and effects that are compatible with Microsoft Office. In addition, with its advanced PDF engine, it delivers smooth Zoom in/out, Panning, and Flicking, and provides memo and comment functions.
Useful and convenient functions
POLARIS Viewer provides various convenient functions for reading documents. Fast-accessible UI, intuitive design, and useful navigation provide an easier viewing environment. In addition, it provides dynamic usability for reading documents and the document list with 2D/3D effects.
Various document formats
It supports the latest document formats, including DOC, XLS, and PPT, and various other popular file types in the PC-like 'read' environment.


POLARIS® Office Enterprise

A dependable document security solution

POLARIS Office Enterprise is a mobile office solution that provides enhanced productivity and document security. With powerful viewing and editing features and a unique document encryption technology, POLARIS Office Enterprise protects sensitive business documents with a rock-solid performance. POLARIS Office Enterprise can be purchased in the form of SDK for an easier integration to customer’s system.

Document Data Memory
Stream Management
This manages document data received from the document server as a stream and does not remain any document files in file system.
Documents are protected by permanent encryption. Encrypted documents can only be read by Polaris Office Enterprise Engine and the stored device.
Provided SDK
With the SDK, users can easily integrate Polaris Office's features with other enterprise solutions.
If you want to install Polaris Office SDK Demo version, please visit Polaris Kit website.


POLARIS® Browser

Experience Best Web Browsing Experience

POLARIS Browser is the core technology for realizing the true ubiquitous environment. It is a Webkit-based mobile browser that provides the best Web browsing experience on a range of mobile devices.
With its page panning and zooming functions, it delivers lightweight and quick mobile web browsing and supports cool designs and visual effects, satisfying the requirements of both user convenience and emotional expression.

Superior browsing environment
With high JavaScript processing speed and excellent rendering quality, it provides an optimized browsing environment for mobile devices. It supports Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation and script controller for improved script processing speed and high Web standards compliance.
Whiz UI®
Whiz UI is based on an emotional UI engine for various graphic effects and realistic expressions in Web browsing. It provides the optimum Web browsing experience in the mobile environment with its easy-to-use menu configuration and various graphic effects.
Widget & WAC support
Based on Web browsing technology, it provides a platform that allows you to install, execute, and delete Web applications. Infraware has researched and introduced the latest standards of W3C, WAC, and mobile communication service providers to ensure higher product competitiveness. This Web platform allows you to enjoy brand new experiences and services through a combination of Web services and mobile device functions.



Experience Best Web Browsing Experience

Polaris VGuard is a fast and accurate lightweight virus detection solution with proven performance. It is being used in a number of banks and investment firms. With improved pattern-recognition technology, Polaris VGuard can intelligently detect new malware, viruses, and their variations as well as all known threats, with fewer patterns. Polaris VGuard 2.0 enhances many areas of this already-great solution: A lighter database, quicker updates, faster scanning, better variant detection and protection from stealth authorization.

Proven Performance
Polaris VGuard, with its performance and security, is being selected and used by many financial institutions in Korea.
Powerful Scanning
The scan routine has been improved to reduce the time and load of the virus scanning process, up to 10 times faster than similar anti-virus solutions. Furthermore, the real-time protection feature of VGuard protects the system by preventing malignant code from being installed in the background.
Lighter engine and pattern database
The light engine and pattern database of VGuard offers better overall performance as well as faster updating. The Java Native Interface (JNI) technology offers a faster, more secure, and lighter engine with a powerful throughput capacity.

Android Technology

POLARIS® Smartphone Suite

Android Anywhere!

POLARIS Smartphone Suite (PSS) is a groundbreaking middleware solution that can execute Android applications and contents on non-Android devices, supporting an Android environment for low-end devices. PSS will be the essential middleware which can handle a large volume of content easily and quickly on diverse devices and platforms.

Accommodating the Android Ecosystem
At the Java API level, PSS is 100% compatible with the Android environment and accommodates many Android applications and related content. In addition, it supports multimedia, 2D, and 3D, including MPEG4 and ACC of basic Android device service apps and Web browsers, in the same way as the Android environment.
It allows Android application developers to develop applications for PSS with the Android SDK only, requiring no additional tools.
Accepting requirements for low H/W specifications
PSS does not require the high hardware specifications and performance that other Android devices do. As a single baseband processor can execute PSS thanks to its compact and lightweight specifications, PSS is useful for developing low-cost Android smartphones. Moreover, as PSS functions as a player that can execute Android applications on smartphones and smart TVs with the Linux, Windows, Bada, or Tizen OS, it is very helpful to provide many applications for platforms in which the ecosystem is not sufficient.
Supporting high performance
As PSS is based on RTOS, it delivers high performance on low-specification devices by optimizing Dalvik VM. With efficient memory control, it can run on a single address space and support the optimized graphic module SKIA.

Android Technology

POLARIS® App Inspector

Secure Your Android Apps

POLARIS App Inspector solution analyzes the Android application 〔APK〕 to determine whether the application contains harmful code, e.g., virus, malicious code, and information disclosing code, before the application is registered with the AppStore. In addition, it can detect viruses and the use of malicious code that discloses personal or confidential information.

Detecting information disclosure and malicious behavior
It accurately detects the use, storage, and disclosure of confidential information, including personal information. By analyzing the data based on the behavior, it delivers a highly accurate analysis.
Supporting the automated run environment
It supports the automated run environment for checking many new apps. With an autorun function that analyzes code and screens, and dynamic analysis to detect possible hazardous factors, it can analyze the apps and extract the result automatically, without human intervention.
Supporting behavior analysis on devices
As it can analyze the app behavior on real devices, as well as on the emulator, the coverage of target apps is expanded. It can take advantage of all of the benefits of app analysis on the emulator, such as various condition changes and fast execution performance on the device.

Android Technology

POLARIS® App Verifier

Verify Android Apps Systematically

POLARIS App Verifier solution is a verification tool that analyzes the operation of Android Application 〔APK〕 to verify the functions and check for errors or malfunctions of Android Application 〔APK〕. Through systematic verification, it supports 24-hour test and iteration tests which cannot be carried out by a human operator. In addition, it simultaneously analyzes multiple devices, enhancing verifiers' efficiency and reducing verification time.

Databasing based on analysis
It reproduces the script which has been created by the verifier in verification on all of the devices to be analyzed, and collects, databases, and analyzes the result, providing high analysis efficiency. The base data by resolution is collected for each app version. As more base data is collected, data accuracy increases.
Auto run analysis engine
Based on the collected analysis base data and execution information, it detects errors. The analysis engine collects and analyzes various information, including screen configuration layout, text, resources, system resources, network process, and call stack. It can detect and report the errors and exceptions that verifiers cannot detect with naked eyes.
Reporting verification result
It reports the verification result and the list of verification status in detail. As the verification result is databased, POLARIS App Verifier provides constant and systematic data management. The report can be optimized and customized according to the verification items and the verifier's requirements.

Android Technology

POLARIS® App Generator

Easy Way to port Android to Tizen!

PAG(Polaris App Generator) is the Solution which make Android Application possible to operate on Tizen OS environment without additional developing efforts or customizing Android Application by considering Tizen environment. PAG would be bringing great benefits to Either create Tizen Applications by using legacy applications based on Android in a short period Or save developing time and costs in order to support newly emerging Tizen Market from Smart Phone field. PAG would be the best solution to meet Tizen Apps demands & requirements just in time from the market by creating Tizen Application in a short period & time.

A Simple and Easy way to port Android App to Tizen App
PAG(Polaris App. Generator.) is a powerful tool which allows you to port Android app to Tizen app in very short time with low cost.It saves your time as you will not need to develop a Tizen app separately.

Our Capacities & Your Benefits
Our company, not only provides PAG tool, we can also take care of publishing in Tizen Store. We will also ensure to offer the most useful products and more benefits.

PAG can port 80~90% of Android app to Tizen app without re-compiling. It has successfully ported many games such as Angrybird series, Counter Terrorist, Treasure Detective, Fruit Slice, Drag Racing, Shut Bubble Deluxe, Cut the Rope Free, Air Hockey, 1 to 50 and so on.



Browsing Web on TV

POLARIS TV Browser allows you to develop various TV applications based on Web standards (HTML5) and broadcasting standards 〔CE-HTML, OHTV〕. As it is optimized for the embedded environment, it can be applied to various devices. It is an embedded solution for data broadcasting that supports interactive TV services for terrestrial, cable, and satellite broadcasting, as well as IPTV.


POLARIS® TV Middleware

Interactive Digital Broadcasting

POLARIS TV Middleware 1.0 is bidirectional digital broadcasting middleware based on ACAP, OCAP, and MHP. It is the only middleware on the market that can provide integrated interworking with its own browser solution. It maximizes efficiency of service implementation, convenience of service operation, and stability of service use, with support for the OIPF and HbbTV standards.



Stay Updated on TV

POLARIS TV Widget is the SD/HD content-optimized TV Widget platform 〔W3C standard〕. It is based on a browser which can interwork with stores, providing various services such as news, weather report, EPG, Internet community, home shopping, mini games, and advertisements. In addition, it supports effects such as transparency, blur, and page flipping.